Developing Skills

Jai Baghesur Educational Trust helps in developing skills of the tribals in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. The Educational Trust allows every person of the Baiga tribe to get access to proper training which will enforce them to make their lives better and take up work to earn a living. Girls and women are especially encouraged to take part in the programme.

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Computer Education

In today’s growing world, computer education is a boon for everyone. The people of the Baiga tribe, who are or have attended schools, will be taught about computers and in what ways they can use them. This is a great step towards empowering the tribal people who need computer education in order to walk side by side with the modern day man.

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Crafts & Arts Seminar

The Jai Baghesur Educational Trust also arranges free Arts and Crafts Seminars for the people of the Baiga tribe who have never attended school, be it people of any age. Considering that the tribal people are naturally brilliant artists, these seminars give them an excellent opportunity to polish their skills and encourage them to explore their unique styles.

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Jai Baghesur

Jai Baghesur Educational Trust


Jai Baghesur Educational Trust is an initiative by HI Destination Management Private Limited.
It was founded in order to help the people of the Baiga tribe in the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India to develop their skills in either computers or crafts, so that they can start to make a living without depending on the government. This endeavour to empower the tribal people with the right skills and helping them to discover their hidden talents, will allow them to make a mark in the world for themselves. The educational trust organises free classes for uneducated as well as under-educated children and adults of the tribe.
This project was started mainly at the Tala Village in the Umaria district in central India where hundreds of tribal people belonging to the Baiga tribe live. Jai Baghesur Educational Trust provides computer classes to help the ones who have attained some education in schools, to gain the courage to stand with the modern man. The educational trust also organises art and craft training for those who are completely uneducated. Under this program tribal people of all ages are focussed to assist them develop their talents and foster their abilities. This programme is responsible for bringing back the lost smiles on the faces of the people of the Baiga tribe of India. 

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