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Why Should We Save Tigers?

save tiger

Tigers are on the verge of extinction. If their population does not increase, the species may not exist by the end of two more centuries. Some sub-species of this wild cat, such as Bali, Caspian, and Javan, are already extinct. Tigers have a very unusual personality, characterised by calmness as well as fierceness. This golden orange animal has black stripes running all over its body. These stripes form a unique design on every tiger, and thus, becomes its identity. Several reasons such as Poaching, Climatic Changes, and Deforestation are responsible for the drastic decrease in their population. If fast measures are not taken now, the endangered species may be nowhere to be seen.

A marvellous creation and the most beautiful animal, tiger needs our attention for several important reasons.

  • Tigers are the key to a healthy eco-system. They are at the top of the food chain. They are responsible for keeping the populations of antelope, wild pig, gaur, and deer in check. If the tigers get extinct, the populations of these wild animals can drastically expand which will lead to problems for human beings. Also, with the increase of plant-eating animals, the forests will not exist as before.
  • Forest provides us with two essentials of life- clean water and clean air. This habitat is necessary for natural flood controls and keeping Carbon Dioxide levels in check. If the population of tigers decreases, people will cut down forests without any fear and this can lead to climatic changes and account to greater greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Without the tigers and the forests, many wild animals can come to towns and cities where destruction of human lives by them is easily possible. Also, the herbivores of the forest will have to search for food outside their habitats, and will feed on our crops and plants, destroying vegetation and food that humans need for survival.
  • If the species of tigers get extinct, it will pose a threat on some other species. Thus, extinction of tigers can become a major threat to co-existence of species and Bio-diversity of this planet. History has held examples of far reaching and long lasting negative impacts every time a species gets extinct.
  • Eco-tourism that nowadays attracts tourists to many wildlife reserves and sanctuaries will decrease if tigers go extinct. Tourists flock in large numbers to travel to National Parks, Zoos, and Tigers Reserves, in hope to spot tigers. If the species no more remains, it will cause a big financial crisis in front of the country.
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