Sketch by Artist Ashish Swami

The video shows one of the most talented artists, Ashish Swami during a session of sketching. Ashish Swami is among the top artists who live in the Bandhavgarh area. He is an inspiration to one and all who have chosen artistry as a way to earn their livelihood. You can see beautiful tribal painting and […]

Press Release

HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd. the leading Delhi based Tourism & Destination Management Company has launched their social responsible initiative for the Baiga Tribe inhabiting the surrounding villages of Bandhavgarh National Park. HI Destination Management has been the recipient of the prestigious “National Tourism and Hospitality Excellence Award” successively in the years 2006 and 2007.

Artwork Baghesur

The Jai Baghesur Art Fest is a popular event among tourists who come from all over the world to witness the glamorous art of the Baiga tribe. The people of this tribe have immense talent for handicrafts. They indulge in all kinds of wood crafts, metal crafts, stone crafts and much more. The Jai Baghesur […]

Artworks in Bandhavgarh

Don’t you think this is beautiful?? You will find many such artworks in Bandhavgarh from 28th November, 2015 to 1st December, 2015 at one of the most interesting fests, the Jai Baghesur fest. The picture displays an incredible piece of woodcraft made by one of the tribe members. More than 200 such artworks will be […]

Still untouched story

India is the home to large number of indigenous people, who are still untouched by the lifestyle of the modern world. The beautiful picture displays two young men of the Koya tribe wearing headdresses of cattle horns and shells, play drums during an end of harvest dance. The Baghesur Fest is a gateway to the […]

Bamboo Hat Made by the Tribals

Once the Baiga tribe was forced to live outside the jungles, and were left without employment and livelihood, they wore the hat of an artist. The people of the Baiga tribe were talented artists and used to make beautiful awe-inspiring paintings and handicrafts. Jai Baghesur gave them a platform to display their art and earn […]